Mwanza Rural Housing  Programme
"Shirika la Nyumba na Hifadhi ya Chakula Vijijini"

Shirika La Nyumba na Hifadhi ya Chakula Vijijini



As an integral part of the healthcare programme, MRHP emphasise routine personal hygiene, stressing the importance of washing in fresh or boiled water and using disinfectant soap. The collection of rainwater to enhance the supply of clean water is encouraged, as is the use of mosquito nets to inhibit the spread of malaria.

MRHP also discuss the layout of farm compounds to encourage sanitary living conditions, stressing the importance of ensuring that both the compound and the surrounding bushes and vegetation are kept clean. Linking in with the environmental andreforestation programmes of MRHP, the community is encouraged to plant trees to provide shade, fruit and fuel wood. To improve living conditions and reduce the incidence of respiratory and eye problems, the village animators disseminate information about with energy efficient stoves which can be made with local materials.