Mwanza Rural Housing  Programme
"Shirika la Nyumba na Hifadhi ya Chakula Vijijini"

Shirika La Nyumba na Hifadhi ya Chakula Vijijini



Plastering is an important surface treatment. If a household cannot afford a brick house, it is possible to enhance the durability of an adobe dwelling by using plaster, and MRHP disseminated simple plastering technology throughout the Mwanza area. In keeping with the beliefs of the organisation, plaster for adobe houses uses local material such as cow dung, ash and clay, and it is very easy to both make and apply.

It is not necessary to plaster the outside of a brick house, because the wall is strong in itself and not easily eroded. Plastering inside, with a sand cement plaster, is encouraged, so that the walls are smooth, easy to clean, and free of insect hiding places. Through MRHP’s capacity building programme, many people in the region have learnt how to make and apply a good plaster.